How to choose the best pots for your plants

How to choose the best pots for your plants

Hydroponics growers find ebb and flow systems the easiest to set up and maintain. There is an additional advantage with this system. Since the nutrient solution is completely drained away, there are little chances for the root network to get clogged. Also, hence the plants are never overfed; this can make the ideal system especially for beginners. If you are wondering which system to buy for your hydroponic plants, here are the three suggestions to choose from.


Oxygen Pot Systems

Oxygen pot systems are highly popular among most growers. We can say these are the most distinctive kind of systems available in the market today. their attractive green trim and buckets look great. If you are also very particular about inspiring anyone glancing at your garden, then Oxygen pots can be your choice with their highly impressive looks.

Apart from their striking appearance (obviously this is not the main aspect a grower must look for in pots), this equipment is known for its high functioning capabilities. They will certainly do a good job with your hydroponic plants. The central reservoir is a55 gallon container that will require a little maintenance. If the situation demands you to be away from your plants for a long time, then you can see to that the system can run till you are back.

The variations you can get in oxygen pots are the 6 bucket or 12 bucket choice. With more number of containers, the 12 bucket variety will let you grow twice the number of plants you can grow in the other system. Excepting the number of buckets, the other components of the system remain the same. Though inexpensive, you will find the system high dependable for your indoor garden and so will get the best value for your investment and therefore you have made a wise choice. 


Hydrofarm Megagarden

Megagarden systems offered by Hydrofarm are among the top ten hydroponics system that the growers would prefer. They are comparatively inexpensive. If you are allured by the fancy features found with some top-end models, you might not be able to appreciate this one. However, if you focus on the value of the system for your hydroponics plants, then this nifty little system is sure to appeal to you.

Users find this a fully-functional hydroponic grow system that will meet the expectations of beginners the best way. One complaint that some growers say is that their small size makes them capable of a lighter yield. However, this need not be a concern for you to undervalue the system’s performance. The budget pricing that the system carries is a strong reason why any grower would grow for it.


Viagrow Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Tray System

The final third choice we will discuss here is Viagrow. The first look at this system will let you feel this is not so attractive to look at like the Oxygen pots. However, you are most likely to find this a serious looking option and can certainly assure you promising results.

Hydroponic growers find this system wearing a commercial look. The size of the pots is quite comfortable and the system comes with all the components a commercial grower will need. The manufacturer has packed in all the elements you will look for in a successful hydroponic system that you can install in your home and admire. Those that are not highly worried of the aesthetics and would rate performance a better characteristic, then they are sure to find this system the best choice. Since this system does not come in different sizes, you can work on the number of units to grow more plants.

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