Grow nutritious food year-round even without farmland

Grow nutritious food year-round even without farmland

Roughly one third of the Earth’s surface is suitable for agriculture. Owning land does not guarantee that you can support yourself by growing crops or establish a business selling produce. Some land that was, or could be, planted is no longer fertile. If you live in an urban area, your ideal garden plot may be covered in pavement!

Human beings have survived, not because we are the most physically dominating species, but because we adapt so well. Today, it is possible to grow your own food without soil. This can be done on a rooftop, in a backyard, on a balcony, on a strip of pavement, or anywhere you can set-up the necessary equipment. With a world population of 7.5 billion, humanity is continuing to adapt. Food production is absolutely essential to this adaptation.

Hydroponic growing methods add in the necessary nutrients for plant growth. Instead of needing soil to supply the essential nutrients for plant growth (and secondarily, human health) the nutrients are dissolved in the water and delivered directly to the roots. These methods are an astounding freedom from being tied to the dirt!

Greater control in hydroponic growing:

More elements are under your control when growing a hydroponic garden. This list mentions a few of the benefits that come from being able to control more elements of the growing process.

    1. No soil is needed (you could do it anywhere – on top of an apartment building, in an arid environment etc. – just as long as you have a good water supply).

    2. The water stays in the system and can be reused lowering water costs and consumption.

    3. It is possible to control the nutrient levels in their entirety lowering nutrition costs by constantly maintaining a controlled nutrient water supply (soil is prone to fluctuations – so it’s nutrient needs constantly change).

    4. Environmentally friendly as pollution is not released into the environment because of the controlled system.

    5. Stable and high yields.

    6. Pests, diseases, and weeds are easier to get rid of or avoid than in soil based growing.

    Hydroponics have been compared to conventionally produced vegetables and found that hydroponic produce can be superior in nutrition and taste – but this is dependent on the nutrient content of the hydroponic solutions. Stronger nutrient solutions can ensure a better product than conventionally produced vegetables. Of course it must be remembered that hydroponics and soil based plants both require proper care.

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