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12 Innovative Homemade Hydroponics Systems

12 Innovative Homemade Hydroponics Systems 0

The term ‘hydroponics’ is derived from two Greek words ponics (toil) and hydro (water) that started to be used since 1950. Hydroponics is another way of growing plants that do not require soil and this hydroponic gardening is being used by countries like Australia. Being 30-50% faster in growth than the soil planting; these hydroponic growing systems actually uses water to mix the nutrients to get their way to the root system enabling the plant to utilize much energy for fruit making besides the search process (that plants do to search nutrients in the soil in non-hydroponics systems). Testing pH in these homemade hydroponic growing systems is also important however mostly plants grow within the 5.8-6.8 pH range. Moreover to direct the nutrients to the plant various mediums are used like Rockwool and perlite.