CT-6659 PH/ORP Controller CT-6659+Ph Electrode Industry Ph Sensor CT-1001C 10M Line

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CT-6659 PH/ORP Controller CT-6659+Ph Electrode Industry Ph Sensor CT-1001C 10M Line


Model Number: CT-6659
Display Type: Digital
DIY Supplies: Plumbing
With Backlight Or Not: Yes
Power supply: AC 220V(160-250V)50Hz
Power unit: <5W
Accuracy: 0.01PH 1mV
Measurement range: 0~14PH -2000mV~2000mV
Warranty: 1 year



CT - 6659 industrial pH meter is a meter pH and redox measurement and control monitoring and control multifunctional,
Intelligent instruments.
Its full-featured, stable performance.
Easy to operate and so on.
It is the most cost-effective instrument of such a meter.
Widely used in electroplating plants, lines MILL, fermentation, food processing wastewater treatment applications


Stable quality components, with LCD display, isolated 4-20mA current output, dual relay control, high and low alarm indication, power-down memory, no battery backup, data retention more than a decade



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